11 2018

Muti and the “Requiem”: great emotions in Chicago

2021-06-01T08:41:00+02:0012 November 2018|Categories: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Concerti, CSO, Photogallery|

Riccardo Muti remembers his first conduction of Giuseppe Verdi's Messa da Requiem, in the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence in 1971, when he was thirty. He was about to [...]

09 2018

CSO, Riccardo Muti soar to new heights in Shostakovich program

2021-06-01T08:41:00+02:0028 September 2018|Categories: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, CSO, Photogallery|

[...] Friday night, with music director Riccardo Muti on the podium, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra offered the last of Shostakovich’s titled symphonies: the rarely performed Symphony No. 13 (“Babi Yar”). [...]

CSO, Riccardo Muti revitalize ‘William Tell,’ ‘1812’ in Millennium Park concert

2021-06-01T08:41:00+02:0027 September 2018|Categories: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, CSO, Photogallery|

It could have been a routine night of audience favorites Thursday at the Pritzker Pavilion. The program for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s annual free community concert was almost comically mainstream: [...]

06 2018

Humanism in Stars and Stripes, by Carla Moreni – Il Sole 24 Ore

2021-06-01T08:41:04+02:0026 June 2018|Categories: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Concerti, CSO, Photogallery, Uncategorized|

Riccardo Muti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Humanism in Stars and Stripes We used to study humanism in school and wouldn’t expect to find it in Chicago, sparkling capital of [...]

05 2018

European Tour with the Cherubini Orchestra, May 2018

2021-06-01T08:41:05+02:0030 May 2018|Categories: Cherubini, Concerti, Photogallery, Tour|Tags: , , , |

The European Tour of Maestro Muti together with Cherubini Orchestra has touched large European cities like Paris, Luxembourg and Geneva, and it will end at the Lingotto of Turin on May 30th. The [...]

04 2018

12 2017

New Year’s Concert 2018 – Photogallery

2021-06-01T08:41:09+02:0029 December 2017|Categories: Concerto di Capodanno, Photogallery, Wiener Philharmoniker|Tags: , |

Riccardo Muti - Vienna Philharmonic Rehearsals and Concerts Vienna, December 2017 - January 2018 The 2018 New Year's Concert was broadcast in over 90 countries and followed by as [...]

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