“Music gives us a wonderful luxury: intensity in delicacy, the ability to play piano and intense, as encouraged by Toscanini. It is also a way of living. It is feeling the simple, profound difference that occurs between shouting “I love you” or whispering it.” Read the original article


“What we don’t understand in Italy is the importance of teaching music to form good citizens:  an orchestra is the picture of a civil society, it is made up of a group of people that…” Read more


“Music is medicine for our soul. And it is learning to live in a society: in the orchestra different peculiarities…” Read the original article


“Whatever the world theater will be, music is never one-sided. Anyone who…” Read the news


“Be afraid of people who think they know everything, there are no experts in music. You can understand the score, the theory, but what lies behind the notes…” Read more


“Music cannot be explained. Ultimately, it cannot be understood. But it is possible to teach how to open…” Read the original article


“Everybody should study music, it refines your soul. […] Pausing inside Beauty, being able to inhabit it and listen to it, managing to orient in the forest of sounds […]” Read the original article