In the photo: Riccardo Muti and the Wiener Philharmoniker in rehearsal at the Musikverein in Vienna in 2020

“The collaboration with the Wiener Philharmoniker has perhaps been the most important in my life. It began in 1971 and today, while I am writing, it is still very intense. It covers all my years in Salzburg, and in the year when I did not take part in the festival I nevertheless worked with the Wiener.

I recorded all the symphonies by Schubert with them and, after that recording, they asked me to participate in the 1993 New Year’s Concert…” 

Riccardo Muti, Autobiography First the music, then the words


2021 New Year’s Concert will take place without audience, but will be broadcast on TV and streamed on January 1st from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna, to be followed by millions of people in more than 90 countries around the world.

Riccardo Muti conducts the prestigious concert for the sixth time, after 1993, 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2018. The event will mark the fiftieth year of collaboration between the Maestro and the Wiener Philharmoniker orchestra.

“It is not only the astounding number of approximately 500 concerts, but also the exceptional quality of these performances that lends Maestro Muti special significance in the history of the Vienna Philharmonic. Muti prepares himself for his concerts with intensive research and places emphasis on many details that give him a profound knowledge of the specific Vienna Philharmonic sound. This special bond is reflected by the fact that Riccardo Muti was awarded Honorary Membership in the Vienna Philharmonic in Salzburg upon his 70th birthday in 2011.

Taken from the Wiener Philharmoniker website


New Year’s Concert 2021: Friday, 1st January, at 11:15 am



Franz von Suppè

Fatinitza March

Johann Strauß (Son)

Schallwellen (Sound Waves), Waltz, op. 148

Johann Strauß (Son)

Niko Polka, op. 228

Josef Strauß

Ohne Sorgen (Without a Care), Fast Polka, op. 271

Carl Zeller

Grubenlichter (Davy Lamps), Waltz

Carl Millöcker

In Saus und Braus (Living It Up), Galop


Franz von Suppè

Overture to “Poet and Peasant”

Karl Komzák

Bad’ner Mad’ln (Girls of Baden), Waltz, op. 257

Josef Strauß

Margherita Polka, op. 244

Johann Strauß (Father)

Venetian Galop, op. 74

Johann Strauß (Son)

Frühlingsstimmen (Voices of Spring), Waltz, op. 410

Johann Strauß (Son)

In the Krapfenwaldl, Polka française, op. 336

Johann Strauß (Son)

New Melodies Quadrille. op. 254

Johann Strauß (Son)

Emperor Waltz, op. 437

Johann Strauß (Son)

Tempestuous in Love and Dance, Fast Polka, op. 393

Ph. Terry Linke – @WienerPhilharmoniker


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