Welcome!! I would like to underline my satisfaction for the many subscriptions and their international character to all the participants in this fourth edition of the Italian Opera Academy.
I can say that your constant presence becomes the most gratifying response to my project of an Academy for the in-depth study of the Italian opera. I chose Verdi’s Macbeth because it is all about visionariety in musical dramaturgy and because it is the Verdi opera I performed the most during my career as a conductor.
I wish you all to have a good work!!!

Riccardo Muti


From today until August 3rd at Teatro Alighieri, in Ravenna

Live the entire experience of the opera,
find out the work behind every representation.

A selected group of young conductors and répétiteurs will work with Riccardo Muti
and the doors will be open also to students, musicians, and music lovers.

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Photo by Silvia Lelli