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05 2017

“This is how I train musicians for the future”

31 May 2017|Categories: Stampa|

"I'm interested in educating them through such an experience that allows them to understand what it means becoming orchestra professors. That is a job requiring awareness, training, morality and culture [...]

Riccardo Muti meets Luciano Fontana (Editor of Corriere della Sera)

25 May 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|

Today the Italian Opera has become an entertaining circus just for the enjoyment of the note. Word of Riccardo Muti. "Nine times out of ten, tenors lower the key to [...]

Passion, accuracy and “enchantment”

12 May 2017|Categories: Stampa, Uncategorized|

I - inexperienced conductor at the beginning of my journey - was about to accompany a great soloist who had sung that very concert on its debut under the conduction of Toscanini... Riccardo Muti [...]